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Playtime in Chattanooga

7 Sep

Alright, I admit it – we had a heap of fun today. Guess what we visited first.  I’ll give you a hint…


…that song hit #1 on the US charts on Dec 7, 1941.  How’s your history, ladies and gents?  That’s a date ‘that will live on in infamy’ (okay, fine, I’ll tell you – it’s the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked).    US lads (and a few that were a bit long in the tooth) signed up to solute smartly and wander off to boot-camp.  …and HOW did many of those lads GET to boot-camp? Well, many took the train…


…how’s THAT for a segue into our first tourist destination?!?


Yep, we visited the Chattanooga Choo-Choo…and it really IS called the Choo-Choo!  Take a look…


…great fun!…


…and gorgeous!…

But, the fun wasn’t over yet.  Next we regressed to our childhood and took a ride (oh, alright, TWO rides!) on the Chattanooga Carousel…

…I LOVE auxillary crewmembers!  They are always catalysts for wonderful memories!

Chattanooga Tennessee

7 Sep

There is SO much to tell you!

Our auxiliary crew members have arrived.  Ron and Adrianna seem to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, even after their marathon journey from Sydney…and we have jumped into this tourist thing with both feet! 

First there was Ruby Falls (an underground waterfall)…


…then we decided to split our responsibilities.  The gents went to the battlefield… 


…while the ladies did Rock City…

(as you can tell, I LOVED Rock City!)

Last night we joined Summer Wind’s crew for a wonderful Italian meal at Tony’s in the Art’s District, then wandered around this beautiful city…


Today is the Choo-Choo!

Chattanooga Tennessee

11 Sep

If someone were to ask you, “What cities are on your bucket list?”, you might say Paris, or Rome, or maybe Beijing…but, if you want to find a city that is a hidden gem that no one seems to talk about, take a look in Tennessee.  Hidden in the hills (mountains?) of Tennessee is the truly lovely city of Chattanooga…and that’s precisely where Bushranger is sitting right now.


This city is gentle yet vibrant.  She sports a world-class Aquarium, an easy and often free public transportation system, and some of the best coffee and  breakfast places that we’ve seen since Sydney Australia (all you Sydneysiders, think “Newtown” but wide streets and big trees, and you’ll know what I’m talking about).

…Bushranger is snug along the floating dock just below the city center. We awoke this morning to the sounds of the song the Chattanooga Cho-cho that our new neighbor was playing as he chugged up the river.


yep, that’s a WWII LST (number 325) that’s visiting the city. Who would have thought that we would find such a historic icon in the waters of the Tennessee River?


…I know I’m feeling pretty safe…