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17 Sep


You know you’re a Looper when:

a.       Your favorite glassware and dishes will bounce when dropped

b.      Your new best friend (that you met for the first time, just last week) has disappeared this week and you’re starting to have trouble remembering their name

c.       You can instantly find bug spray and a hat in your handbag but can’t seem to locate your lipstick

d.      You have figured out that the word ‘salad’ has a range of meanings – from a small bowl of iceberg lettuce to a confetti-ed mixture of every vegetable known to man…but will always include cheese

e.      You can’t sleep due to all the noise – no, not the traffic…the cicadas and crickets

f.        You have begun to appreciate the finer points of laundromats – finding a dryer with a clean lint filter feels like winning the lottery

g.       The only witness to your stubbed toe is the osprey nesting on the passing buoy – so what’s the point in saying ‘ouch’?

h.      The sunrise is streaming through the window directly opposite where it made an appearance yesterday

…and you know that this lifestyle will continue to color your world well past that final day when you say goodbye to your boat…

Green Turtle Bay Part 2

11 Aug

I love ‘the South’.  I may have been born a ‘Yankee’ but I hope I have absorbed, over the years, the essence of Dixie and made it my own. 

I’m not talking about a ‘Duck Dynasty’ sort of South – oh no, I’m talking about the true soul of the South.  The one that

…sees a stranger struggling and goes over to help

…nods and smiles ‘hello’ to every person they encounter

…waves at every car that passes

…offers that cup of tea and cake to all visitors

I mention this because of where Bushranger is currently contentedly bobbing.


Green Turtle Bay is unarguably a beautiful marina.  The facilities are well thought-out and generous. 


Mother Nature has blessed the area with lush, green forests and calm waters. 


The amenities here are top-of-the-line (I actually used the Spa yesterday and had my hair and nails done!). …but that’s not what makes this place so amazing.  It’s the folks we’ve met that make it such a special place.

–from the Harbor Master who welcomed us, helped with our refueling and was later seen scrubbing the walls of the fuel dock while singing a country western song–

–from the receptionist who found an item that we needed and ‘swung by’ to pick it up on her way into work the next morning, then called us to tell us she had it–

–and finally, I must tell you about the lovely soul sitting in the waiting room, the one with the parchment complexion, gummy smile and sparkling blue eyes, who brightened our day with her heartfelt farewell–

So, I guess while in the South, it is understandable to take a leaf out of Blanche DuBois’ book and not be afraid to ‘depend upon that kindness of strangers’ (A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams).  After all, ‘kindness’ IS the essence of ‘Southern Hospitality’, isn’t it?