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17 Sep


You know you’re a Looper when:

a.       Your favorite glassware and dishes will bounce when dropped

b.      Your new best friend (that you met for the first time, just last week) has disappeared this week and you’re starting to have trouble remembering their name

c.       You can instantly find bug spray and a hat in your handbag but can’t seem to locate your lipstick

d.      You have figured out that the word ‘salad’ has a range of meanings – from a small bowl of iceberg lettuce to a confetti-ed mixture of every vegetable known to man…but will always include cheese

e.      You can’t sleep due to all the noise – no, not the traffic…the cicadas and crickets

f.        You have begun to appreciate the finer points of laundromats – finding a dryer with a clean lint filter feels like winning the lottery

g.       The only witness to your stubbed toe is the osprey nesting on the passing buoy – so what’s the point in saying ‘ouch’?

h.      The sunrise is streaming through the window directly opposite where it made an appearance yesterday

…and you know that this lifestyle will continue to color your world well past that final day when you say goodbye to your boat…

A Day of Firsts

23 May

(warning, this may be a bit indelicate…)

Woo, what a day! Not only did Bushranger turn the corner and start heading up the Atlantic side of the country, but she has achieved an additional ‘first’! Yep, this lucky girl got to be the first boat to use the newly installed pump-out system on the brand-new floating dock at Fort Pierce, Florida.


For those ‘boating-innocents’ out there, have you ever wondered how you could have a toilet (or ‘head’ as the nautical-types insist on calling it) on a boat, but no real sewer pipes!?! Think about it – there you are, puttering along when you feel the need to be ‘liberated’ from last night’s meal. Off you go to ‘the onboard facilities’ to make your ‘deposit’. The question is, then, what happens to that ‘deposit’? Well, I’ll tell you – live-aboard boats have what we call a ‘holding tank’, that is designed to ‘hold’ that unmentionable stuff that is the product of bran muffins and beer (hopefully, not consumed at the same time). Then the ‘deposit’ happily sits in your holding tank until you find a facility that is willing to take it off your hands (so to speak).

Well, today, the Fort Pierce Marina had a brand-new gadget and plumbing to pump that stuff out! How cool is that! Bushranger’s ‘stuff’ was the first ‘stuff’ to go through those hoses!


I’m feeling very special today…

Proceed With Caution

3 May

There once was a little brown step. It didn’t look like a bad step – in fact, it was quite cute, all varnished and curved. But that little brown step had a secret: it knew how to get ‘slick’.


So, there I was, doing what I do best (which, as you all know, is drinking coffee) up on Bushranger’s flybridge. I happened to be attired in what I believed was appropriate – shorts, tee shirt and socks – when my Captain (and husband) commented that he believed that the wearing of socks (sans shoes) on Bushranger’s decks was courting disaster. “If the deck is at all slick, you may slip”, he said with a knowing scowl. So, being the good first-mate that I am, I promptly took off those sock and proceeded down that little brown step barefoot (okay, ladies, we always do exactly what our Captain says, don’t we?!?).


Well, that little brown step must have heard our conversation – for as soon as my foot touched that step, wuppp! …down I went! …ouch, that’ll leave a mark…


But do not despair – the evil step does not have the last laugh! My Captain rushed in, waving his file and can of acetone, and ensured that the step would never again trip-up his first-mate/lady.

nonslip pads 

We now have non-slip pads on that silly step and the pads proceed all the way up to the flybridge. My Captain even installed a handrail on the dockbox (I guess he thought I might wobble and need something to grab hold of (smart man)).


So, lessons learned –

  1. Varnished wood is slippery when wet (I know, I’m a bit slow on the uptake sometimes)
  2. Socks AND barefeet don’t fare well on wet wood
  3. Husbands occasionally come in very handy when taking revenge on offending wood structures

I am wearing my bruise as a badge of honour—take THAT you stupid step!