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22 Oct

We have to say “goodbye”.

into Gufport

Our little boat, Bushranger, did everything we asked of her. 


She braved the rough seas of Lake Michigan, rode the tide through the Carolina shallows, weaved through the crab-pots of the Mexican Gulf, and threaded her way through the crazy drivers in New Jersey.  She’s been exactly what we needed/wanted – an economical, stable, and comfortable home with which to explore the American Great Loop. 

But she is no longer ours.  Bushranger now has a new family to protect.  As of today, Heather and Mark have adopted Bushranger and decided to start their own adventure.


This is bitter-sweet for Boyd and me.  We are so pleased that Heather and Mark are Bushranger’s new owners but we ache to say goodbye to our little boat.  Without Bushranger we would not have seen such wondrous and glorious sights…





…nor would we have found such varied and special friends. 

I refuse to list all the wonderful friends that we’ve discovered along the way (such a list would make this final blog entry excessively long) but know that we will treasure every moment, every memory that you ‘all have given us. I will not say goodbye but I will say, “until we meet again” – and know that I pray that we will…

To all my gentle followers, thank you for supporting us through this five year adventure (yes, we actually started all this in 2011).  No one is more surprised than I at how much I have enjoyed this blog.  I would never have imagined that authoring a blog could be such a hoot!


It’s been an honor and a pleasure.  So, as of this moment, this is ‘Captain Starlight’…


…and ‘Mrs Bushranger’ …me

…signing off

Good Night

4 Jun

…a final word from your friends on Bushranger…


…good night…

And We’re Off!

3 Jun

The sun came up and we were off!

enroute to oswego
Where you ask?

where are we exactly
Yep, still on the Erie Canal…
…and we weren’t the only Loopers wandering the canal…

lining up for the lock
…but everyone was using their best manners, even in the locks…
…and, yes, there were eight locks! How’s that for our first day ‘at work’?!?…

oh dear more locks
…but we made it to beautiful Oswego New York…

…with plenty of time for me to do some last-minute grocery shopping, and Boyd to put up the mast and do a bit of window cleaning (thank goodness, since I HATE doing that job)…

ready to work

Tomorrow is Lake Ontario!


…but now I’m exhausted.  Time to find somewhere nice for dinner.


Sorting, Figuring, Planning

2 Jun

Bushranger is in the land of the Red-winged Blackbird.

red-wing blackbird

These critters trill and warble, performing aerobatic stunts between the reeds that leave Air Force pilots agog (and I should know…).

While these glossy, feathered friends cavort in the Brewerton weeds, Boyd and I have been trying our best to sort out Bushranger’s gear. I spent 30 minutes last night looking for the non-stick ‘square’ pan that I know I purchased last year (I swear it was perfect for cooking salmon for two). I dug through every drawer and cupboard, determined to discover its hiding place. I finally turned to Boyd and asked, “Where IS that pan we bought last year for cooking salmon?!?”  This is what he pulled out…

square pan 1

…I guess it wasn’t as ‘square’ as I remember…
It’s raining right now, so I’m glad we hadn’t planned to pull up stakes until tomorrow. Hopefully, if the weather gods approve, this is where we’ll be heading in the morning…

brewerton ny

Ladies and Gentlemen…

31 May

All winter long she slept, haunted by dreams of dancing with dolphins and dodging crab-pots. As she settled with a soft sigh, HE came back…
…nudging her out of her slumber…

lover's louch

…touching her like a lover…

Wait a minute! I think I’ve been reading too many romantic novels! Forget all that; let’s start again…

winter harbor

Bushranger’s been sleeping in her cozy shed at Winter Harbor for 8 months.

racked and stacked

Racked and stacked with like-minded boats…

tight quarters

…she waited for the ice to disappear and her crew to return…

…and we did…

Bushranger looked pretty good! Her batteries took no time at all to recharge, and the water tanks filled with no complaints. The gents got out the big toys

big toy1big toy2

and quickly brought her back to where she belonged…

into the light

…go into the light, Bushranger…

left the building

…Ladies and Gentlemen, Bushranger has LEFT the building…

feet wet

…’feet wet’ gents…

where she belongs

back to work
…now, the fun starts!

Wake Up, Bushranger

13 May

…wakie wakie little boat, your crew is coming back.  Soon we’ll take you out of your warm, dry shed and put you back to work.  You have new places to explore and new friends to make.

Soon, Boyd and I are exchanging this view…

breakfast Point Sydney

for this view…

dismal swampa


…so stand by, my friends; I’m about to annoy you with more emails and posts as Bushranger and her crew start the second half of the American Great Loop.

…and you thought I had forgotten about you, didn’t you…HA! We comin’ back and this time we’re not stoppin’ until the job is done properly!



A Day of Firsts

23 May

(warning, this may be a bit indelicate…)

Woo, what a day! Not only did Bushranger turn the corner and start heading up the Atlantic side of the country, but she has achieved an additional ‘first’! Yep, this lucky girl got to be the first boat to use the newly installed pump-out system on the brand-new floating dock at Fort Pierce, Florida.


For those ‘boating-innocents’ out there, have you ever wondered how you could have a toilet (or ‘head’ as the nautical-types insist on calling it) on a boat, but no real sewer pipes!?! Think about it – there you are, puttering along when you feel the need to be ‘liberated’ from last night’s meal. Off you go to ‘the onboard facilities’ to make your ‘deposit’. The question is, then, what happens to that ‘deposit’? Well, I’ll tell you – live-aboard boats have what we call a ‘holding tank’, that is designed to ‘hold’ that unmentionable stuff that is the product of bran muffins and beer (hopefully, not consumed at the same time). Then the ‘deposit’ happily sits in your holding tank until you find a facility that is willing to take it off your hands (so to speak).

Well, today, the Fort Pierce Marina had a brand-new gadget and plumbing to pump that stuff out! How cool is that! Bushranger’s ‘stuff’ was the first ‘stuff’ to go through those hoses!


I’m feeling very special today…