29 Jul

Well, it took us three hours but we finally entered the lock.  Once through, it was a piece of cake to slide under the remaining bridges and tie up at the wall at Joliet Illinois…


Now, it has been pointed out that I did not mention the Electronic Fish Barrier that we crossed on our way down the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal (I know – it’s not the most romantic name for a waterway, is it?)…


It appears that the Asian Carp (a fish that ‘we’ obviously do not like) is doing its best in invade our water system.  So, the Army Corp of Engineers has set up a big electrical gizmo that ‘deters’ fish from swimming up the Chicago way.

‘Deter’ is an interesting word.  All I know is that we DID see a few fish floating belly-up around that part of the waterway.

Okay, my duty here is done and it’s time to go explore Joliet…bye bye…

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