6 Jul

marina sign (2)

We’ve had a chance to explore the city of Petoskey and I have decided that YES I would love to live here…but only for 6 months out of the year. During the other 6 months Petoskey is essentially buried under tons of snow (they average 120 inches of snow each year! That’s TEN feet (over 300 cm), man!). But, for the warm part of the year, what a great place!

wp-1467838014755.jpg There’s a 26 mile bike trail called the Little Traverse Wheelway that winds along the beautiful coast. It’s dotted with parks…


…and playgrounds…


…and actually wanders directly behind a first-class ice cream shop (if you are feeling a bit peckish and require a shot of something sweet to keep you pedaling).

The city is lovely and chock full of kitschy clothing shops and appealing restaurants…


Yep, without a doubt, it’s my kind of place.

lamppost sign

Does Boyd agree with my assessment, you’re asking?  Good question — I’ll ask him as soon as he climbs out of Bushranger’s nether regions. 


I understand he is changing Bushranger’s oil again (as we all know, routine maintenance is critical for a stress-free boating experience — and Bushranger purrs out her happiness after that little bit of attention).  Believe it or not, we’ve already traveled 4500 miles of the Great Loop!

Now, just so you know, I won’t be writing a Bushranger blog for the next few days. Boyd and I are off to the wedding of the daughter of some special friends. Hopefully, when we get back, the weather gods will be kind. Maybe if I keep my fingers crossed, they will smooth out that big old lake and give my poor tummy a break…enough already with the big waves!

2 Responses to “Petoskey”

  1. Heather July 6, 2016 at 19:27 #

    Mark Petoskey on the map with a big red circle. Sounds like a great stopover. Love that you are able to make wonderful recommendations.

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