Little Current to Spanish

30 Jun

The weather gods were kind today – blue skies and a gentle breeze.


We weren’t sure how far we would travel today, but we DID know that we needed to stop at a little town called Spanish.




We had tried to forward our mail to the Spanish Municipal Marina, but discovered that there had been a bit of a language kerfuffle during the coordination process. Instead of the mail going to 40 Garnier Rd, the forwarding service had sent it to 440 Garnier Rd. Hmph! …does any admin EVER go smoothly?!?

So, we pulled into the Spanish Municipal Marina to sort it all out, and discovered some of the kindest folks.


First, as we cruised past the entrance of the marina we got a radio call from one of the local boats. That kind gent, by the name of Bill, helped guide us through the narrow entryway then stopped by (after we had tied up) to welcome us and give us a bit of an orientation to the marina and town (remember, Bill was not an employee – he just happened to be visiting his boat).  A lovely man.

I also need to mention Ben, one of the marina’s employees. Ben had been helping Boyd sort out the mail kerfuffle for days. He was friends with the lady that runs the post office and he put her on notice to keep an eye out for our mail. That lovely lady phoned Ben this morning to let him know that our package had arrived and that she was keeping it for us at the local Post Office.

So, Boyd and I put on our walking shoes (the town was a good mile away) and started down the road. Not more than a block later, Bill (remember our neighborly boating friend?) pulled up in his car and offered us a lift. After a quick tour of the town, he dropped us off at the Post Office, and continued on his way.


So Boyd and I poked around the very small town of Spanish (if you blink as you drive down the Trans-Canada Highway you could easily miss it), had lunch at the only restaurant, finished our business at the Post Office, then started ‘hoofing it’ back to the marina.

5spanish (2)

…and were surprised as a large pickup truck (ute, for all you Aussies out there) pulled over, asked if we were Bushranger’s crew (he had seen us pull into the marina) and if we wanted a ride back!

So, that leads me to ask a few questions:

a. How many lovely people can one small town in Canada hold?
b. What language, do ya’ reckon, is spoken in the town of Spanish Ontario?
c. Oh, and I have a third question: is the town of Spanish Ontario the same town as Espanola Ontario?

The answers to these question will be at the bottom of the blog.


Anyway, the crew of Bushranger has decided to spend the night at this kind and generous place.

Answers to questions:
a. I think the answer has to be ‘a whole bunch’!
b. French, of course (…don’t ask me?!?)
c. Nope, the towns are about 20 miles apart…

P.S. t/5, s/5, l/unknown

2 Responses to “Little Current to Spanish”

  1. acresinfo July 1, 2016 at 21:57 #

    Parlez-vous francais? Who knew that was the language spoken in that part of Canada?

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