A Ride on a Train

23 Jun

Bushranger went for a ride on a train. Here’s how it went…

1into the cradle
…we patiently waited our turn, then entered the ‘car’ behind a lovely Carver. The slings tightened around us and with a rumble we started to climb…

2up we go
…over the hill…

3across the road
…and down into the next lake…

5slide off the cradle
…it was actually really cool!

7out the other side


8on our way

We are currently tied up at the Midland Harbour Town Dock. I’ll tell you all about Midland tomorrow but I want to leave you with one more photo from today’s journey. As you know, these rivers and canals are rugged and beautiful. There are huge rocks everywhere… but one rock definitely stood out today. It’s called Washtub Rock (can you guess why?)…

9washtub rock

2 Responses to “A Ride on a Train”

  1. jdepodwin June 23, 2016 at 23:21 #

    Your adventure just gets more amazing by the day! And I love washtub rock.

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