14 Jun

still morning

What a beautiful, still morning. As we opened the door we were welcomed by one of the local families…

goose family
Unfortunately, they brought with them all the aunts, uncles and cousins they could find…

more geese (2).

more geese
They weren’t noisy neighbors but they WERE very messy (watch where you step, ladies and gents, as the geese are not too choosy about where they ‘preform their ablutions’).

We got underway at about 9 am, knowing that the first lock was about 45 minutes away and wouldn’t open until 10. I like these locks – they’re just my size…

little lock

…until we got to the DOUBLE LOCK!

double lock
This lock has 3 gates rather than 2. After entering the first compartment they close the first gate and fill that compartment up with water. Then they open the middle gate, have you tie up in the second compartment, close the middle gate, then fill up that second compartment with water. Finally, when you have gone up a total of 48 feet, they open the third gate and you are, tah-da, in Campbellford!…


This is a cool city with lots to do. One of their ‘claims to fame’ is that they are the home of the man who designed the image on the ‘toonie’…

home of the tuney

What is a ‘toonie’ you ask? Well, it’s twice the value of a ‘loonie’, of course. Those crazy Canadians decided to call their one dollar coin a ‘loonie’ since it features the image of a loon (a common Canadian bird) on one side. So, when they had to name the two dollar coin, of course it just HAD to be named a ‘toonie’ (get it?!? …cartoons?!?…Looney Tunes…never mind…).

Anyway, Boyd and Karen (remember our friends on Rahn de Vous?) have discovered a local craft brewery just a few block from here so that’s on tonight’s agenda, so I’m off to get ready.

me walking away

P.S. t/6, s/6

2 Responses to “Campbellford”

  1. jdepodwinJdepodwin June 15, 2016 at 16:57 #

    Great explanation of the locks. Love those photos!

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