Mea Culpa

5 Sep

It has been far too long since my last blog entry, but I promise that there have been mitigating circumstance!

First of all, please know that Matt and Faye DID send me an excellent guest-blog entry.  Unfortunately, I was overseas until yesterday and did not have easy access to my email.  So, with many mea culpas, here is the lovely guest blog entry from Bushranger’s most recent auxiliary crewmembers:

It would be great to show you photos of the scarecrow we saw in a field of ripe corn, the red iconic barns in fields and the eagle nests that sat on top of electricity poles (you could see a baby eagle sitting in one of the nests) along the side of the road. But unfortunately we didn’t take photos. This then became the theme of the trip: ‘The photos we should have taken!’

The state of New York was a mix of beautiful small country towns and each had its own claim to fame: Seneca Falls which celebrates that the women’s rights movement started there; Corning, the home of the Corningware factory; and so on.

We spent our time looking for local craft beer on tap, Harley shops, and the odd shopping outlet. But we did managed to get an education on reading American maps, where to shop and get good coffee, what days not to go to Niagara Falls

the falls

and to check the university start dates before you pick your nightly stops. We had a wonderful time laughing and discussing the most obscure topics and finding the most remarkable places to eat.

We learnt the lesson of not judging a bar by its external façade. We pulled up outside this run down place (it had good reviews on-line). We all thought we would keep driving but as there was nothing else close we thought we would take a look inside, only to discover the best food we have had in the whole trip. The bar was full of locals with a fabulous menu run by a lovely lady and her family.

We left LynnAnne and Boyd for them to fly out for their next adventure and we caught the train to Albany the capital of New York State for a couple of days before heading north to Montreal.

Au revoir les Robinsons et bon voyage Bushranger

la and faye

(Note that Faye and Matt’s final sentence is in French, which is extremely appropriate, given that Matt and Faye were wandering up to Canada, but it is also perfectly appropriate, given that Boyd’s and my ‘next adventure’ was in France!  Why, you ask?  Well, it has to do with our beautiful Bronny, who has decided to nudge her life onto a different path.  Yes, Bronny has married a wonderful gentleman from France (hence, our recent trip to that beautiful country).  Can you imagine a more beautiful place to ‘tie the knot’?)

Congadulations, Bronny and Francois!

Congratulations, Bronny and Francois!

10 Responses to “Mea Culpa”

  1. Gregg Turner (@CPTGregg) September 5, 2015 at 16:27 #

    Congrats and best wishes!

  2. Bro September 5, 2015 at 18:11 #

    A lovely photo of Bronny and new hubby, please pass on our best wishes

  3. jdepodwin September 5, 2015 at 20:35 #

    What a wonderful month you have had with great friends, beautiful surroundings and a trip to France to top it all off. I enjoyed the guest blog entry and the latest wedding update. Look forward to seeing more pictures in the days to come.

  4. maggie September 7, 2015 at 20:55 #

    A lovely wedding photo – love the dress.

  5. Rod September 9, 2015 at 19:12 #

    Congratulations Bronny and Francois. Great photo. Looking forward to hearing all about the wedding when you return to Oz.

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