On Being a Turtle

6 Jul

turtle head

There’s something very liberating about having full water tanks and an empty holding tank. When I mentioned this to Boyd he said, “and full fuel tanks?” and I promptly said “no, it’s not the same” – then I paused to think about that…
…this is what I figured out:
Full fuel tanks give you the option to ‘move’ – to go and where to go.
Full water tanks and an empty holding tank give you the ability to ‘live’ — in the comfort and convenience of your floating home.
The most liberating part of ‘looping’ is that you are not driven to continually ‘go’, since there is no specific place that you HAVE to be. You carry your living space with you, whether you ‘go’ or ‘stay’.

So many folks ask me “where are you off to next?” and I normally answer, “I don’t really know, ask my navigator.” I am sure, from their perspective that is a strange answer – how can you NOT know where you’re going. From my perspective, I can honestly answer, “Why it is important? Wherever we go will be someplace special, and I will still have all I need to make a home right at my fingertips.”
…’looping’ is pretty cool, don’t ‘cha reckon?…

bushranger home

6 Responses to “On Being a Turtle”

  1. Treisha Mixon July 6, 2015 at 11:52 #

    Ultimate cool………..loved meeting you two in Mobile, Al.

  2. rodcrobinson July 6, 2015 at 17:40 #

    Well said LynnAnne.

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