South Carolina So Far

25 Jun

Georgia disappeared in the blink of an eye – and, boy, is there a lot of sea grass in that state! We wound our way through all the waving grasses and, suddenly we were in South Carolina! …still winding through waving sea grasses – all well…

sea grasses
We parked Bushranger in a really cool marina at Hilton Head. The marina is protected by a small lock – you have to ‘lock through’ to get to this oasis of fresh water, condos and a garden of palm trees between which the boats rest.

Daufuskie Island 022

What an excellent place! The gents that locked us through then ran over and caught our lines and helped get us situated. With Bushranger secure, Boyd and I got down to the real reason for our trip to Hilton Head – a visit to Daufuskie Island and our friends Chris and Dennis.

Daufuskie Island 039
If you want to talk about a cool island, you have to mention Daufuskie!


You can only access it by ferry and the folks that live there use golf carts to get around. The island is almost a jungle of greenery interspersed with personalized, creative and lovely homes.  It has golf courses (of course), and restaurants and critters galore – birds, gators, squirrels (some that look more like minks than squirrels, but what do I know?), and deer around every corner. It’s a restful pause is a hectic world.  I think our friends choose a beautiful place for their retirement…

…but, I’m not sitting on Daufaskie while writing this blog entry – nope, Boyd and I have moved further north.  Bushranger is tied up, snug, at Lady’s Island Marina, South Carolina. We haven’t explored it yet, but it seems really friendly and cared-for. We’re planning on spending the day here (I desperately need to restock the fridge) and will have a proper look around after the rain stops (yep, it’s a bit wet out there)

ladys island1

…so, I’ll sign off for now…

P.S. thanks for the great photos, Dennis!

7 Responses to “South Carolina So Far”

  1. Chris June 25, 2015 at 09:43 #

    Glad you enjoyed your visit — we certainly enjoyed having you! We’re amazed you found rain — not a drop here!

  2. jdepodwin June 25, 2015 at 11:14 #

    Thanks for the great update and beautiful photos. I love traveling the east coast with the Bushranger crew !

  3. Rod Robinson June 25, 2015 at 19:39 #

    Great shot of you both in action on the boat. What a beautiful Marina at Hilton Head. And I like the artistic shot of Boyd and the sunset at Lady’s Island Marina.

    • MrsBushranger June 25, 2015 at 21:38 #

      Hilton Head is certainly worth a visit! …and thanks for the positive feedback on my photos — I DO love snapping those photos!

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