Amelia Island, Florida

20 Jun

As we approached Amelia Island, I was a bit worried – Fernandina Beach, where we intended to tie up, was bracketed by two large factories. The smell of the factories (somewhere between the smell of old chicken and burnt barbeque) caught our attention. We were dodging and weaving between shoals and mudflats, working our way to the floating dock that beckoned in the distance.

amelia island

…but, ya’ know what?…for some strange reason, the smoke and odor of the factory didn’t seem to bother the marina or the town! (maybe there is a protective, invisible dome over it that keeps all the nasties out)…and the town is lovely! Brick-paved streets shaded by big trees that lead to very quaint shops and restaurants.

fernandina beach

We selected one that served great beer and pasta and had an excellent guitarist playing all our favorites for the 1970s. What a great night!


Fingers crossed, tomorrow we finally leave Floridian waters and discover Georgia!…

4 Responses to “Amelia Island, Florida”

  1. Alex Ertz June 20, 2015 at 10:27 #

    A bike ride to the Civil War fort is fun there. You will get some views of the Atlantic at the mouths of the rivers in GA as the ICW makes lots of use of them.

  2. Chris June 21, 2015 at 21:01 #

    You’re making everywhere sound wonderful!

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