Camachee Cove at St. Augustine

18 Jun

St. Augustine

Bushranger has pulled into the marina at Camachee Cove; and it was a bit of a wild ride!  At one point we were actually travelling at 9.5 miles per hour — woo-hoo! (remember, our normal speed is about 7 miles per hour…I swear I could walk faster sometimes…)  I definitely felt the wind in my hair that time! It’s so nice when the current gives you that little extra push.  Of course, that current also messed with our heads as we were pulling into the marina’s channel. One moment your boat is headed one way, then the current changes and you rotate a good 60 degrees without doing a thing! Very exciting!

manatee nose

…and we were greeted by some of the locals…

…yes, those are nostrils poking up out of the water. We were told that the manatees love this part of the marina since it has a good supply of fresh water.  There is a family of manatees cavorting in the water about 2 meters from Bushranger (for you Yanks, that’s about 6 feet)…very cool! 

boyd at st augustine

2 Responses to “Camachee Cove at St. Augustine”

  1. jdepodwin June 19, 2015 at 20:16 #

    Some people go all their lives without seeing a manatee. You have one greeting you How cool is that!!

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