Back at Goose Pond

16 Sep

wpid-20140916_075811.jpgWe’re on our way back down the Tennessee River.  Chattanooga was great, but this ‘shake-down cruise’ has functioned exactly as expected — it has highlighted a few ‘deficiencies’ that we need to correct before starting the Loop-proper (like adding a bit of isinglass to the fly-bridge so poor Boyd doesn’t get dripping wet every time we pass through a gentle rain shower)…so, back to Iuka, to nip and tuck little Bushranger into the boat she’s always dreamed of being.

…but, aside from that, you want to know where we are.  Well, we’re back at that lovely little marina at Goose Pond…it’s just outside of Scottsboro Alabama.  Guess what Scottsboro is famous for — well, I’ll tell ya’.  It’s the home of the Unclaimed Baggage Center!  Yep, I bet you’ve always wanted to know where all that lost baggage ended up.  Well, it is cleaned up then sent to a giant thrift store in Alabama (I bought a lovely Dana Buchman handbag there for only $8 — ha! beat that!).  Why Alabama, you ask?…I have no idea…


So, Bushranger and her crew will stay another night here in Goose Pond, then wander in the direction of Huntsville — probably tomorrow — but, who knows…after all, we’re retired and can go just about anywhere we want…


…and it’s all about the journey, after all…

2 Responses to “Back at Goose Pond”

  1. Chris September 16, 2014 at 09:39 #

    Is THAT where my purse went???? ;o)

    • Mrs Bushranger September 23, 2014 at 09:13 #

      Oops…too late. looks lovely with my vanishing ensemble. ..

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