Keeping Up with the Paperwork

11 Jul


Bushranger’s not the same boat we purchased way-back-when…well, obviously, since we bought a boat named Quixote and then renamed her Bushranger…but aside from that…

The boat we bought was a bit old and tired…this boat is spritely and lovely! So, we have a responsibility to make sure she is properly protected.  Today, Bushranger declared to all who care (I’m referring to the Insurance Company, actually) that she is ready for action! She has been surveyed and her paperwork will be updated appropriately. Rick, the surveyor, made all the appropriate sounds (lots of “oohs” and “wows”) as he appraised all her new systems/upgrades/general loveliness.

…ya’ just can’t get away from the paperwork, can ya’…


2 Responses to “Keeping Up with the Paperwork”

  1. carolyn depodwin August 3, 2014 at 09:39 #

    Congratulations ona job well done i wod exxpext nothingg less from two such talented people. Car;olllyn

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