Workin’ On the Engine

12 Jun

engine oil cooler

Boyd has decided that he is going to tackle Bushranger’s engine without the aid of our “Boat Doc” (after all, the Boat Doc is a very busy guy). Boyd has studied the bits and pieces, the gizmos and the gadgets, and figured out where most of them are supposed to go…so, today, he stuck on the first gizmo.  The gizmo has a name: it’s the engine oil cooler.  Boyd, with the help of our boat neighbor Jerry, got that ol’ oil cooler stuck into the proper spot with nary a headache (other than a slight oil spill in the bilge, and a mis-fitting part that, according to the drawings and the website, was designed for that engine (all well, what can ya’do?…)).

varnishing gunwal

Me, I’m varnishing the gunwale (don’t I sound nautical!!?! for those of you less nautical than me/I, the gunwale is the top edge of the side of the boat) and the air-conditioning vents, and painting various bits and pieces. Good thing I like painting (although if I had my druthers, I’d be painting with water colors rather than varnish and primer).

varnishing vents

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