It’s COLD Out There!

23 Jan

So, ya’ wanna’ know how ta’ build a boat, do ya’?!? Well, I’m gonna’ show ya’…

This is what we had to work with...

Ya’ take off all that old, crappy teak…

...this is what a 'work-in-progress' looks like...

…then ya’ slap on some lovely new teak…

...and THIS is what you end up with after lots of sweat and tears. Beuatiful!

…and then ya’ put everything back on the way it should have been to begin with! Beautiful!

…and ya’ do all of this in really, really cold temperatures!  Take a look at the dock:

See that?!? That's ICE, man!

See that?!? That’s ICE, man!

...take a closer look...that hose is ICED to the ground!!!

…take a closer look…that hose is ICED to the ground!!!

…but, ya’ know, we’re takin’ a leaf out of a duck’s book.  If they can pretend that it’s a beautiful day out there, and swim in water that has GOT to be close to freezing, then I guess we can keep on workin’ on this ol’ boat…

...just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....brrrrr....

…just keep swimming, swimming, swimming….brrrrr….

2 Responses to “It’s COLD Out There!”

  1. jdepodwin January 23, 2013 at 21:43 #

    A little bit of Dory perhaps???? Spring is only a few months away…hang in there.

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