Work in Progress…

20 Oct

Just thought you might enjoy a look at some of the progress we’ve made.

First, remember way-back-when; when I was trying to figure out how to strip varnish off wood? One of the first pieces I worked on was the anchor platform lattice:

I finally figured out how to use my heat gun and took all the old, pitted varnish off the lattice.

Well, we’ve come a long way since then…

We removed all the bits and pieces from Bushranger’s ‘nose’. The bow looks funny without the anchor platform and lattice…

We took the basic anchor platform off Bushranger so I could give it a good six coats of varnish…

….after its six coats of varnish, we put the lattice back in place….

….then stuck the actual anchor platform back in place. All that’s left is to buy a new windlass (the winch that lifts the anchor)… but that’s a project for another day.

Also, remember how the lower helm (ya’ know – where the ‘steering wheel’ is…) looked way-back-when?

This is the old helm — can you see how split and cracked the wood is?

Well, things have changed a bit…

….the helm repair in progress — we removed the old veneer…

The helm will be ready for the engine instruments and radar once I put a couple of clear coats of varnish over the four coats of tinted varnish that I applied last month. See the lovely stand Boyd (and War Monkey) made to hold the engine instrument panel?

Looks nice, doesn’t it!


So, I guess it’s coming along.

2 Responses to “Work in Progress…”

  1. Rod Robinson October 23, 2012 at 05:30 #

    Nice work LynnAnne!!!

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