Fuel Tank (part 3)

10 Oct

Hello, all you Bushranger followers! I think you’all need an update; so here goes….

Remember that pesky fuel tank. Ya’ know, the one that Boyd measured, designed, contracted for, coordinated the installation, designed the supporting structure, build the supports, polished the fuel, pumped in the fuel, then noticed a leak, called the company, defueled the tank, disassembled the supports, removed the tank, and freighted to Florida? Well, a bit has happened since then.

…stupid fuel tank…

After a few days, the company in Florida called and said they had tested the tank up to 4 psi and there was NO leak. To which we responded, “oh yes there was!” The company very nicely said that they could not find a leak, and maybe there was some sort of spill when we were fueling it or maybe one of the connections wasn’t tight enough. Now, don’t get me wrong; they were very nice about all this! Anyway, the bottom line was that they could not find a leak, so they sent it back to us.

So, Boyd moved things around a bit, contracted for some of the lads at the marina to help lift this huge thing back into the boat,

…she’s a big sucker!….

maneuvered her into place and re-secured the supports,

…lots of grunting and groaning going on down there….

and pumped the fuel back into it (not all of it, thank goodness….just about 120 gallons).

…remember Boyd’s handy-dandy fuel polishing system?…

Guess what happened – you guessed it! It LEAKED! AWRRRRR!

So, Boyd called the company in Florida. They said, “Huh!!!” Boyd had the foreman from our marina talk to them and reconfirmed that “YES, there is a leak!”

…see that little line of pink on the left side? That’s a puddle of diesel fuel…

So, Boyd is down at the boat right now, defueling the boat once again.

The good part of this story is that the company seems very honorable and responsible. Their representative called this morning and said that “they want to make it right”. They are right now constructing a new tank for us. We hope to see it delivered in the next few days (remember, that fuel tank is what’s stopping us from putting in the engine, which is what’s stopping us from putting the boat back in the water (there’s a whole ‘nother story around that piece of info that I won’t get into today)).

Okay, fine…. I’m going to go bake some bread….

4 Responses to “Fuel Tank (part 3)”

  1. Amanda October 10, 2012 at 21:49 #

    Bake bread, biscotti, muffins…..bake bake bake 🙂

    • Mrs Bushranger October 11, 2012 at 07:26 #

      yep…I could just about open a bakery….

  2. Ward October 11, 2012 at 00:29 #

    I admire your persistence – time to sit down and have (several drinks I think!

    • Mrs Bushranger October 11, 2012 at 07:27 #


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