Happy Anniversary

1 Oct

The Bushranger Blog hit the one year mark a couple of days ago. It’s been an interesting ride so far. When we first saw the boat (she was named Quixote when we first met), we envisaged buying her, doing some necessary mechanical repairs, then setting off on our looping adventure. We knew from the survey that Quixote would need a bit of work on her engine and shaft bearings, but the rest of the systems were basically seaworthy. After the purchase  we discovered that there was much more we should do before we set off on our adventure – some of it necessary and some of it as a “reliability upgrade opportunity” (woo-hoo! doesn’t that sound official!).

Here are the highlights (the dates are plus or minus a day or two) (it’s pretty long….sorry):

1 October – We acquired the relatively new engine from an unloved boat named Molly Brown.

3 October – We pulled Quixote (soon to be renamed Bushranger) out of the water and put her up on blocks to facilitate the removal of the old engine and other various bits and pieces

5 October – Boyd and Terry (our mechanic) defueled the tanks after discovering the desperate need for new tanks

2 November – I joined Boyd down in Iuka Mississippi. We rented a cute cabin across the street from the marina

5 November – Boyd pulled out the old holding tank and discovered its ‘crappy’ condition

13 November – Boyd discovered the various problems with the wood floor  in the bathroom and closets

20 November – We stripped the aft cabin wallpaper and headliner (ceiling) and discovered various water damage

29 November – We completed the winterization of Bushranger. Her mast and bimini were taken down and we secured a tarp over the boat to protect it while we are gone for our Winter Break

27 December – I created a new blog for all my bread and biscotti recipes

2 February – We decided to get serious about this boat-building stuff. We put all our household goods into storage, rented out our Virginia condo, and elected to move to Mississippi. We found a lovely cabin right at the marina.

28 February – A big black truck rear-ended our little Toyota Corolla — ouch!

21 March – Removed the old shaft

28 March – Boyd installed the first of the new fresh water plumbing lines

3 April – The first go at installing the new fuel tanks

9 April – started fitting the new exhaust pipe

20 April – We officially changed our mailing address (and other admin stuff) to Green Cove Springs Florida

9 May – We installed the new shaft tube

13 May – I finally figure out how to use a heatgun and start some serious ‘brightwork’

17 May – We relocated to the third cabin (the log cabin in the woods)

28 May – We reworked the mast

9 June – Boyd figured out fiberglassing

13 June – Boyd installed the new prop shaft

30 June – Boyd is getting really good at putting in thru-hulls

4 July – Boyd gets the new holding tank into place

7 July – We installed the repaired (and shortened) mast with its new LED anchor light

10 July – Erected the bimini and the second big truck rear-ends our Toyota Corolla

13 July – Boyd started work on the electrical system

18 July – a busy day – the new rudder post, the insulation around the fuel tanks and the arrival of the ‘reworked’ generator

20 July – We installed the generator

27 July – Boyd created new cabinets around the exhaust pipe

30 July – We reinstalled the boom and the salon headliner

6 August – Boyd finished the bathroom floor

7 August – Boyd rebuilt the rudder’s hydraulic ram

18 August – I started my third blog ‘What Do Ya Reckon?’

1 September – Boyd replaced the lower helm steering motor

4 September – We move back to the little condo at the marina

9 September – Boyd removed the cover of the windlass and found lots of rust.  He also started modifying the stringers for the upcoming engine installation

15 September – We were visited by friends, Matt and Faye.  Matt and Boyd connected the water tanks.

21 September – The wood of the lower helm got a facelift

24 September – Boyd transferred the stored fuel into the new fuel tanks (after treating it and sending it through a ‘fuel polisher’)

27 September – Boyd discovered that the new port fuel tank has a leak


…no wonder we’re a bit tired….

2 Responses to “Happy Anniversary”

  1. Dianne October 2, 2012 at 08:42 #

    Wow! Congratulations! What an impressive list of accomplishments! Can’t wait to see the beautiful gal and crew in the very near future! Fingers crossed! XOXO

    • Mrs Bushranger October 2, 2012 at 14:34 #

      Looks like Bushranger is going to take a bit longer than we thought. I think that she will miss our visit to Florida….we’ll have to drive down instead. Of course, we’ll still need to visit friends on the way down to Naples…

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