Good News, Bad News

27 Sep

Remember how great we felt when all that fuel was put into the new fuel tanks? Well, half the fuel is no longer in the tanks.  Why, you ask? Because one of those shiny new tanks has a pinhole leak in it (definitely bad news…).

The morning after we completed the fuel transfer, we wandered back to the boat and (Boyd) immediately smelled ‘diesel’! After a quick check, he found a small puddle of pink diesel fuel nestled  between the fuel tank supports. After a thorough examination, Boyd located a small leak behind one of the supports.  It appears that the manufacturer messed up the ‘weld’ at that point…*heavy sigh*…

See the arrow Boyd drew on the tank? That’s where the leak is…..notice that the wooden support is all wet at that point.

Now for the good news:  the manufacturer appears to be honorable and is standing behind their product. They have given Boyd the information needed to freight the tank back to them for a proper exam and repair.

Now some bad news:  Boyd has had to defuel that tank and is in the middle of disassembling all the supports around the tank (remember how long it took to get those supports in!?! oh, boy….boats would be so much easier if they were constructed with ninety degree angles….). He’s going to have to move the generator (remember how pleased we were when he had bolted that monster into place…. *another heavy sigh*….), then forklift the fuel tank out of the boat, into a crate, onto a pallet, onto a truck, etc. …

It’s a tight fit down in that engine room. Boyd’s looking between the generator (on his right) and the offending fuel tank (on his left). The shiny, ‘pillowy’ stuff in the photo is part of the insulation that will need to be removed before we can get the tank out of there.

More bad news: with the fuel system on hold while the manufacturer fixes the problem, our engine installation is again stalled.  Ya’ can’t put the engine in until the fuel tank is back in place (the tank won’t fit around an installed engine….*very very heavy sigh*…).

Now some good news: up to the discovery of the pinhole leak, we had been ‘pushing’ to get the engine into the boat so we could get the boat into the water before we leave for Florida in mid November (did I mention the Boyd, Koko and I are planning to drive to Florida for Thanksgiving and a concurrent celebration of my Mom’s 80th birthday (aside: Happy Birthday, Mom!))? Well, now with the delay in the engine installation, we don’t have to push so hard to get stuff done! The whole schedule has changed and I think our next month with be much more relaxed because of the delay.

….thank you fuel tank (?)…

…all well…what can ya’ do?….

4 Responses to “Good News, Bad News”

  1. Robyn and Howard Furness September 27, 2012 at 16:35 #

    What a dreadful thing to happen. So sorry, but hope you enjoy a relaxed Thanksgiving and 80th Birthday party. Love to you both xxx

  2. Ward Hack September 27, 2012 at 18:15 #

    Sort of helps you to understand why a lot of navy refits go over budget!

    Charachter building stuff.

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