You’d Be Amazed

24 Sep

You’d be amazed at what can grow in diesel fuel.  Especially diesel fuel that has been sitting in six 55 gallon barrels (that’s 44 gallon drums for you aussies who insist on full disclosure) for almost a year. Remember, Boyd had to drain the old steel fuel tanks before he removed them (remember the rusty holes in the old tanks?), then measured for new tanks, commissioned their construction (at a proper coastguard approved factory), then built the new supports, then installed the new aluminum (that aluminium for you aussies) tanks.  It’s been a long road but today he actually put fuel in our new tanks!

Last Friday, Boyd prepared the fuel by adding biocide into each of the drums.

The biocide actually kills any critters that are munching away at our diesel (yep, there actually ARE critters who love to eat diesel!). We gave the biocide a couple of days to do the job and for the gunk and dead critters (along with any water) to settle to the bottom.  Today Boyd hooked up his ‘Mk 1′ fuel polisher and pumped the fuel from the barrels (all but the last 10 gallons or so), sent it through the ‘polisher’, then into the shiny-new fuel tanks in Bushranger’s hull.

… and it worked! Boyd told me to tell you Aussies out there that a $15 filter ‘finer than the felt in a bushy’s hat’ (I believe that is some obscure Aussie reference regarding straining water from fuel in the out-back) has saved us over $1000 (don’t check my math….it’s been a long day and you get my drift with diesel pushing $5 a gallon….)….

2 Responses to “You’d Be Amazed”

  1. Ann Richards September 24, 2012 at 19:59 #

    Diesel fuel eating critters..uurrkk…who’d have thunk? Fantastic work you are both doing 🙂 Ann and Bob

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