“Do Ya’ Want to See My Etchings?!?”

31 Aug

Most guys, with questionable intentions, seem to have a “canned line” for getting young, nubile things up to their apartment/condo/house. The standard line seems to be, “Would you like to come up and see my etchings?”

….and I doubt that most of those dubious gents have ever owned an etching in their life.

Now, my guy is just a bit different. Instead of inviting me to see his “etchings”, he just asked me if I wanted to see his “new poo-pump”.  What am I to think of that!!!?!

Well, I checked out his “new poo-pump”, and I’ve got to tell ya’, it looks GREAT!   What does that say about me???!?

It’s a beautiful manual pump for the new holding tank! Just brilliant!

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