5 Aug

So, we’re driving down the road in our adopted town, Counce Tennessee, when I look out the window and shout “TURKEY”. I wasn’t insulting some hapless stranger for his or her inappropriate behavior.  Nor was I addressing a friend regarding some ‘foible’.  Nope, what I was referring to was the large feathered creature that was jogging alongside the road.  Yep, there was a wild turkey all of 10 feet from our car.

…I guess that’s an indication as to the sophistication of our current location. It’s not exactly 5th Avenue NY, but it does have its attractions…like turkeys…both feathered and human…

I wasn’t quick enough with the camera to get a picture of the turkey, so you have to settle for a picture of Boyd standing next to the Tennessee River…not that I’m implying ANYTHING about ‘turkeys’ with this photo, mind you!…I just thought it was a nice photo!

One Response to “Turkey!”

  1. jdepodwin August 6, 2012 at 08:37 #

    Loved this entry…and the photo! And you know what, we’ve got plenty of “turkeys” here in NJ as well, especially visible in the fall!

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