Flat Out!

27 Jul

Did you wonder where we were? Well, we’ve been ‘flat out’ (that’s Aussie for ‘busy’)!

Boyd has been busy creating cabinet space.  Remember how he was working on the exhaust system.  Turns out that you can’t thread the exhaust hose without considering the path the exhaust hose will take.…and our exhaust hose travels down the port side of the boat, through the ‘master stateroom’ (translated ‘bigger bedroom’), nestled inside the cabinets along the wall.  So, if you think that cabinets are a good thing, and you plan on using these cabinets to store minor items like clothes and shoes, you need to design the exhaust system in such a way that the cabinets optimize the usable space.  Thus, Boyd is now a cabinet-maker!

When Boyd installs the exhaust hose, it will travel under that lovely shelf and connect to that hole you can just see on the right-hand side.

The hole at the far left end is where the exhaust hose will connect to the hull and will allow the fumes to go ‘out the tailpipe’ (if boats HAD tailpipes).

Looking good!

Me, I’m doin’ my thing varnishing and caulking.  We discovered a couple of weeks ago that the caulking on the ‘eyebrow’ (translated, the ‘wood that connects the bridge to the main deck’) was defective (I refuse to admit that I DID that caulking back a few months ago….of course, that was before I gained SOOO much experience caulking….sounds like an excuse, but I’m sticking to it….).  So, early last week I ‘heat-gunned’ the varnish off the eyebrow, scraped all the caulking off, then started the program of building up the new layers of varnish (which is a real pain in the butt, let me tell youuuu!).  I have now put on 4 layers of Cetol (the varnish that has an SPF in it to protect the wood from the sun) and have finally, as of today, put on the lines of caulking.

The eyebrow is that piece of wood that wraps around the base of the bridge, traveling along just under the bullhorn.

Here’s a better look at it.

Halleluiah! For the last few weeks we have been busy praying to the weather gods, asking for ‘zero’ rain – any rain would have resulted in a huge flood of water gaining access to the bridge through the missing caulking. Since the caulking is now back in place, it can rain all it wants (don’t tell Boyd I said that…he still wants good weather for all of his work)!

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