Insulation, Rudder and Generator — Oh My!

18 Jul

It’s been a busy couple of days. We’ve seen the upgrade of the engine room with the new insulation going up on the wall.

Behind that shiny wall is one of the fuel tanks. The white piece at the top will be an access panel, once Boyd puts the hinges or fittings or whatever on it….he will then cover it with insulation, too.

We have also seen the delivery of the reworked generator (although we have not yet installed it – we need the assistance of the lads at the marina and their large forklift to do that – so we are waiting in the queue with all the other boaters that need assistance).

Here’s a picture of the pre-upgraded generator — yuk!

Now, THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about! That there is a PROPER generator! Yup!

Most importantly, Boyd has completed work on the rudder. Isn’t it lovely!

My very clever husband put that together.

That’s what the rudder post USED to look like.

Time’s passin’ quickly, and things are startin’ to happen! We’re flushin’ ‘er out! She’s goin’ be a beauty! (I’m a practisin’ my ‘redneck’…. can ya’ tell, ya’all?)

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