Game Called Due to Rain…

14 Jul

That’s one soggy Bushranger…

We had such good intentions. Boyd was going to work on the steering (ya’ know, drain the fluid and work on the seals) and I was going to prepare the starboard eyebrow (that’s the piece of wood that connects the bridge to the main cabin) for a fresh coat of caulk and varnish. I had just removed all the old caulk from the starboard eyebrow when we decided it was a good time for lunch.  Lucky for us, I had packed a few pieces of pizza in the ‘esky’ (that’s Aussie for ‘cooler’). As we sat in the shade munching on our pizza, the weather snuck up on us. Black clouds filled the sky and there was a rumble in the distance.  Personally, I didn’t notice a thing until Boyd looked up at the sky and muttered, ‘oh no!’  We ran back to Bushranger.  Boyd quickly closed up the lazarette while I struggled to tape plastic over the recently uncaulked starboard eyebrow…but we weren’t quick enough.

The port eyebrow was covered in plastic days ago….it was the starboard eyebrow that was the worry.

The skies opened and water covered everything. Did you know that tape doesn’t like to adhere to a wet surface? Well, it’s true.  No matter how hard we tried, that wet tape would not adhere to Bushranger’s eyebrow. However, wet plastic DOES like to stick to things. In the end, it was the rain itself that stuck the plastic to the eyebrow.  Who knows what’s going to happen when the rain slacks off.  Anyway, we retreated back to our cabin in the woods….we will deal with the soggy boat tomorrow.

I got a bit wet trying to stick that plastic on the eyebrow – all well…

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