They’re Not Smiling On Me…

11 Jul

When I was creating bowls and pots at the pottery wheel, every once in a while, no matter how much I concentrated, the clay refused to go the way I intended.  I have always maintained that, on those particular days, the pottery gods were not smiling on me.  Ya’ know; that for some reason, unknown to this mere mortal, the gods that were in charge on maintaining the standards on amateur pottery creations, were not happy with me. On days like that, it just wasn’t worth sitting at a pottery wheel – no matter what you attempted, it would collapse or go all wonky.

Well, I think those pottery gods have been talking to the boat gods. My brightwork and caulking are just not cooperating! That caulking I did about a month ago needs to be replaced (it’s leaking just the smallest bit) and that wood I just stripped in preparation for a new coat of varnish is now all wet from last night’s heavy rain. No varnishing for me today. But, I know how to fix that…I’m callin’ it ‘a day’ and retreating to the cabin for a bit of baking!


Of course, my Captain is still down there, working in the engine room…..more power to him…

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