Our Puzzle

4 Jul

Boyd is down in the engine room.  He’s been down in the engine room for the past couple of weeks.  He is in the final stages of preparing the engine room for its make-over. He has slid the holding tank into place and designed the floor plan for all the bits and pieces that will need to fit together down in this tiny space.

That white, plastic-looking box under the wooden shelf is the holding tank.

He has designed and built a shelf over the holding tank (remember, the new tank is three times the size of the old tank, so it takes up a lot more room) so there is a space for the generator to be installed, without limiting access to all the bits and pieces of the holding tank.  We hope to have everything ready, so the generator can be delivered by the end of this week (remember, this is the same generator that came with the boat, but we had Terry, the Boat Doctor, overhaul it, give it a serious ‘once over’, and paint it up nice and pretty). The generator is the first of many gadgets that will be reinstalled over the next month or so.

…and what a process, too! Everything down in the engine room has to fit together like pieces of a puzzle.  Anything that needs access to the outside (via thru-hulls) has to be situated near the appropriate thru-hull. There needs to be access to all lines, hoses, and parts, so my mechanic/Captain/swabby can fix or maintain it as needed during our upcoming journey. You have to consider every angle – how will you drain the water system when you winterize the boat, how does the water flow if there is a leak, will there be any significant vibrations when running the generator, and, if so, how will the vibrations effect adjacent systems, etc.  The thought process has been fascinating – thank goodness I didn’t have to do it!

So, what have I been doing while Boyd has been redesigning our world? Why, BRIGHTWORK of course! I have a new best friend!

Citristrip and I are doin’ the job on the window varnish…don’t ya’ just love my stylish knee pads?

Her name is Citristrip and she is a wiz at removing varnish in those hard-to-reach areas (believe it or not, this product actually smells NICE while it removes the old varnish!).

You probably noticed that I have been avoiding the chemical strippers. To be honest, they scared the ‘bejeebers’ out of me! What about the fumes…..what about the disposal….what about the potential for the destruction of the world as we know it!!!!!? So, I was determined to strip all my varnish with my heat gun.  Yeh, right; that worked up until I got into those really tight spaces around the boat. You have to be a contortionist if you want to use a heat gun on the windows of the aft cabin (and this 55 year old lady is certainly no contortionist).  So, I re-read Rebecca Wittman’s Brightwork bible on chemical strippers.  Interestingly, she changed her tune about chemical strippers between her first and second book – and her ‘new tune’ was all about Citristrip. So far, Citristrip has done a great job; although I still need to use lots of safety equipment when using it.

I have rambled on much too long.  Sorry about that!  Anyway, Happy Independence Day to all our US friends (I can’t say ‘Yank’ friends, because all our ‘Redneck’ friends here in the Deep South would be very offended…’the South will rise again’, and all that…), and love to everyone back on Oz (and a quick ‘hi’ to our Canuck friends).

2 Responses to “Our Puzzle”

  1. jdepodwin July 5, 2012 at 19:42 #

    Great newsy update of a blog. Always love the photos…actually seeing the “tight” space for all the required inner-workings is really helpful. And yes, I do love those sexy knee pads.

    • The Robinsons July 5, 2012 at 22:03 #

      They match the lovely green gloves and big safety glasses…

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