25 Jun

I am not normally a very patient person.  All of my hobbies essentially give instant (or near instant) gratification.

For example, when I am baking bread, after the dough is kneaded for about 10 minutes it feels silky and almost creamy.  You throw that lump of dough into a pan and, voila, about an hour later it has risen into a beautiful new shape.  Stick that shapely dough into an oven and, 30 minutes later, the kitchen smells rich and homey.  Take that brown loaf out of the oven, cut off a piece, and slather a bit of fresh butter (or vegemite if you Aussies insist), and you have a taste that transports you to heaven…

….or, take a look at my hobby of pottery. You take a lump of clay and throw it (literally) on a pottery wheel. Depending upon the size of that initial lump of clay, after rotating that clay for 20 to 40 minutes, you have a pretty symmetric and pleasing shape (assuming the pottery gods are in your corner that day). Sure, you need to wait a bit for the clay to dry, and you need to mess with the bottom of the pot a bit, but you are pretty much done with shaping that thing in less than an hour.

So, my point is that I don’t really have a very long attention span.

I have a friend who has the patience of a saint (you know who you are….).  You can tell she has an abundance of patience by the hobby that entralls her – stump embroidery.  If you haven’t heard of stump embroidery, it is essentially three-dimensional embroidery.  My friend has pieces of stump embroidery that she has worked on for years – and I’m not talking about occasionally pulling out the pieces to work on – she works on her embroidery all the time. SHE is a patient woman!  ….and her embroidery is gorgeous!

An example of my friend’s embroidery… that’s all three-dimensional!

So why am I bringing this up, you ask?  What has this got to do with Bushranger? Well, here’s my thought:  this boat restoration is taking a ‘bloody long time’! When we decided to buy Bushranger, we thought that we would need to fix/upgrade the engine, and that would be it! We would then be on our way around the Great Loop! However, it hasn’t worked out that way, has it?  Nope…and, ya’ know what – I have no complaints (or not many, anyway). For an impatient person, I really don’t mind taking our time restoring this boat. We have learned so much over the past year (yep, it’s been about a year since we first saw Bushranger and nine months since we bought her). We’re doing things that I would never have imagined we could do (just ask my fiber-glassing, tank-designing, fuel-straining husband).

So, as hobbies go, this boat thing is a pretty good one. Maybe I’m not as impatient as I think.

…that there is my man walkin’ off into the sunset…sort of…

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