Still Just Inchin’ Along

13 Jun

We’re still just doin’ our thing with Bushranger. …and we ARE seeing a bit of progress.

Boyd has finished with the propeller shaft!

Remember this propeller shaft that the lads helped Boyd slip into place two weeks ago?

Well, Boyd has fixed the shaft casing, and engaged the lads at the marina to replaced the worn-out stave bearings that support the shaft at either end.  The old bearings were well and truly stuck in the bronze housing and required lots of effort to remove.

See the sparks as the gents at the marina work on the bearings.

Boyd has now installed the bearings in Bushranger.  This was a bit of a drama since the shaft is on an angle but the wall at the back of the engine room (Boyd likes to call this the aft bulkhead for some reason) is pretty much vertical.  This required some creative thoughts about the use of washers and the shaft now sits proudly where it belongs and properly aligned (we hope)!

The bearing housing is the bronze piece that is attached to the wall, secured by the four bolts.

Boyd has also prepared the bilge for the new holding tank (for you non-mariners out there, remember a holding tank ‘holds’ the nasty stuff that we create in the course of our daily ablutions…. in other words, sh*t).  He has smoothed the old fiberglass hull where the tank will sit, repainted it, and created a shelf for the new tank to sit on. The shelf is made of a wood that can withstand water, and is coated with fiberglass (yep, Boyd is getting pretty good at that fiber-glassing!). Our logic for the extra care in the placement of the holding tank is that:

  1.  Old boats have a tendency to leak a bit…
  2. …so, we expect that at some time or other in the far distant future, the bilge will have a bit of water in it…
  3. …since the holding tank sits in the bilge…
  4. …we believe that the holding tank will probably, sometime in her distant future, be sitting in a bit of water.

How’s THAT for logic! So, we need a plan! We need to be sure that the tank is supported in a way that, when the water does enter the bilge, that water will not interfere with the holding tank. After much planning and effort, we are about to slide that holding tank into its spot.  Yah!

Me, I’m just doin’ my thing….more caulking…

Starboard door caulked and ready for action!


One Response to “Still Just Inchin’ Along”

  1. jdepodwin June 14, 2012 at 08:18 #

    Seems like things are moving along…and the “caulking goes on” (to the tune of “and the beat goes on.”

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