So Where are Potsie and the Fonz?

12 Jun

Our little corner of the world, on the edge of the Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee, seems to be a simpler place than where we’ve spent most of our lives. You don’t see the harried executives, rushing down hallways, or the soccer Moms dueling it out on the beltway. Here, everyone seems to have time to say ‘hello’. As you drive down the street, all your neighbors (including those you have never met) look up and wave.  As you walk down the street, all the other walkers spare you a glance and a ‘hello’.  I’ll tell you a story:

Last week, as you know if you’ve been faithfully following our blog, Boyd and I traveled into Alabama to get our car serviced – and it was one of the BIG services (in excess of $500). When we picked up the car after the service, the manager mentioned that their phone system was being upgraded, so their phones were not working.  He told us that this phone interruption would keep him from running any credit or debit card payments. Now, if we had been up in the DC area, this may have been a problem (Boyd and I had not brought the checkbook nor do we carried that much cash). In this Toyota dealership in Alabama, the manager told us, no worries; he would contact us in a few days and ask for our credit card details.  We had no history with this man or this Toyota dealer. We drove back to Tennessee without paying them a cent! Can you imagine that happening in Washington DC or in Sydney Australia? They didn’t know us from ‘Adam’! ….and they were happy for us to drive away without any surety of a payment (of course, we sent them a check right away, so they were obviously very good judges of character).

Fast forward one week…

Today I drove into Corinth Mississippi to pick up my prescription sunglasses.  While there, I planned to visit a small drug store that a friend had recommended – the drug store had an old-fashioned soda counter.  This is what I found:

Borroum’s Drug Store is a tiny shop front that is directly across from the Corinth town hall.

This is the oldest drug store in Mississippi. The waitresses were friendly (all were blond and perky), the atmosphere was amazing (the walls were covered with old arrow heads), and the chocolate malted was ‘to die for’!

…do you feel like you’ve stepped back in time?

That milk shake was thick and rich and there was enough there to feed a family (that silver container next to my shake was three-quarters filled with additional milk shake).

I hate to admit it, but I had already taken a big sip of this shake before I took the picture….the whipcream was originally standing about one inch higher when it first arrived.

…I feel like I’ve traveled into the old TV show ‘Happy Days’.

But what about Bushranger, you say? She’s coming along.  Boyd has just installed her new fuel vents.  The old vents were ½ inch and the new standard for fuel vents is 5/8ths of an inch.  So, for the sake of an 1/8th of an inch, Bushranger is now back up to standards!

All neat and tidy. That fuel vent looks like it belongs there!

2 Responses to “So Where are Potsie and the Fonz?”

  1. pat merten June 14, 2012 at 16:23 #

    What a lovely testimonial to life in the slow lane. We have made some interesting trades in life style, all in the name of progress. Makse you wonder!

    • The Robinsons June 14, 2012 at 16:58 #

      I’m not really wondering…..I like it better this way, no question about it.

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