Another Road Trip

7 Jun

Sometimes, necessity dictates that you leave that which is all-consuming, and just take a break. We did just that.

Since our little Toyota needed its 60,000 mile checkup, we abandoned our tool boxes for the day, and drove an hour east to the town of Florence Alabama…

…which is a beautiful city on the banks of the Tennessee River.

What a gorgeous city! Huge granite cliffs dominate the clear, sparkling waters of the Tennessee River. The old section of town is both classic and quaint. They seem to love ionic columns (ok, remember back to your schooldays – ionic columns were the ones with the curly-Q’s on the top) and have placed them on all the government buildings.  They contrast this grand style with sweet knickknack shops, coffee shops and even a general store.

If that’s not quaint, I don’t know what is…

Towering trees abound and baseball diamonds seem to be on every corner.  I LOVE this town (although I think it is actually a city)! Strolling along the river, you find children’s playgrounds, a beautiful marina (along side which I hope to see Bushranger berthed in the not too distant future (fingers crossed)), and even a Frank Lloyd Wright house from the early 20th century (if you are not familiar with Frank Lloyd Wright, he is THE ULTIMATE in American architects).

They offer personalized tours for $8 per person (or $5 for each senior). The tour guide told me that it would cost me $5…I don’t want to think about what that implied…

It was a gorgeous day! …a win-win, since our car is now back in tip-top shape as is our outlook on life.

But what about Bushranger, you say! Well, she’s still on track.  Boyd has been messing around with fiberglass and epoxy and I have continued my mission to caulk just about every seam I can find on Bushranger’s hull.  So far so good.

Porthole #1 caulked and ready for duty!

4 Responses to “Another Road Trip”

  1. robbbblog June 8, 2012 at 01:16 #

    Glad to see you’re enjoying a day off. I’ll never forget those column names, thanks Del Rio! X

    • The Robinsons June 8, 2012 at 06:42 #

      ahhh Del Rio…. so many things to appreciate….

  2. jdepodwin June 8, 2012 at 09:31 #

    So delighted you guys took a much deserved break! And what a beautiful town/city you discovered. And I will certainly send this on to Mike. I wonder if he knows Frank Lloyd Wright built a home down here???

    • The Robinsons June 8, 2012 at 14:00 #

      It looked like the standard FLW home, with the flat roof and all the cedar…..but the family that he built it for had died/left except for the mother, who became much enfeebled and let the place go to rack and ruin. The historical society is currently bringing it back up to standards. Aside from all that, I just loved this city!

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