Back to Work

28 May

Well, Boyd and I are back to work (although Boyd didn’t really take a break yesterday). This morning we beat the heat by wandering down to Bushranger first thing (well, really, it was around 9:30 am). The boat was still shaded by the trees, so the temp was just lovely. Boyd jumped down into the bilge to do some painting (as usual)…

(the engine room wall around the prop shaft is looking rather nifty with it’s new coat of battleship grey, don’t you think?)

…and I started working on the mast (remember, we removed the mast last November when we were packing up for the coming winter).  We’ve been storing the mast on a couple of stands directly behind ‘Bushranger’ for the past six months. Boyd has had the metal fitting on the base of the mast examined and reinforced. Now is the time to repaint the mast, and fix up the wiring for the new light.  So, I prepped the mast by sanding it and refining some of the wood and fittings.

My “Mouse” sander is coming in very handy (thank you Black and Decker). …and I am a firm believer in safety equipment – note the gloves, mask, glasses and hat)

At about 1 pm it was getting a bit warm, so we called it a day.

…so off we went, back to Savannah for a blizzard and to do some shopping….I get the feeling that it is still ‘Boathog’ Day, don’t you?

2 Responses to “Back to Work”

  1. jdepodwin May 30, 2012 at 08:19 #

    Where are you pictured doing the sanding? It looks like a very tight space. What are you between?

    • The Robinsons May 31, 2012 at 06:51 #

      That’s behind the boat…. we’ve been storing the mast on saw horses between the boat the the cement wall, to keep it safe.

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