Learning So Much

10 Mar

We are learning so much. Buying a thirty year old boat drives you to figure things out about electrics, carpentry, wood preservation, and space conservation. Today was my day to learn a bit about electronics, thanks to my professor/captain/swabby husband. It’s good stuff!

Back about 6 months ago, Boyd purchased a very large book called Boatowner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual (by Nigel Calder). He has been studying it off and on for the past half a year. Right now, he is up to his ears in it. He has developed a chart for every piece of electrical equipment, gadget, light, and component we have, or are going to have, in the boat. We are charting the power requirements (by hour, day and week) of each of these components to see what the ‘draw’ will be on the electrical system. It’s not even that simple – we need ?? number of batteries to start the engine, to start the generator, to run the ‘house’ circuit either through the inverter (that converts the battery DC to regular AC for all of the AC gadgets), or directly from the house battery if they are DC gadgets.  We are also looking at the size and type of inverter (depending on how many gadgets we will be using when the engine/generator isn’t running (hint hint: we’re talking kitchen gadgets mostly, so this bit is VERY important)). We also need to figure out HOW we want it all interconnected; like what needs to be connected directly to the battery and how clever the inverter has to be (some inverters know when a generator is on so they allow the generator to power the gadgets directly, rather than getting in the way) …so much stuff! … I think my head’s about to explode!

My Mom has suggested we think about writing a book about ‘how to bring a 30 year old boat back to life’. Interesting thought…but maybe later, when we’ve not up to our elbows in ‘??s’.

2 Responses to “Learning So Much”

  1. jdepodwin March 12, 2012 at 16:16 #

    That looks like a very “scary” book! Probably more than you ever thought you would like to know about electricity and such.

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