Murphy’s Law

28 Feb

The day started out just like any other day.  Boyd removed the exhaust system from Bushranger while I did laundry and baked biscotti…

…then the day changed…

I thought we were on a roll and things were happening.  Well, things were happening, alright. Murphy (you know, the guy who enforces Murphy’s Law) was looking for an opportunity to build a speed bump in our road.

There we were, just drivin’ along, (fat, dumb and happy (wait a minute, I think I resent that)), off to the post office to mail a couple of cards, when, out of the blue, a big, dark, Dodge truck decided to make our acquaintance.  Boyd was making a right hand turn into the Post Office, and the driver (his name was Alphonso, and, by the way, he’s a lovely man) just didn’t notice us until the last minute – BASH! He pretty much crumbled our bumper, pushed in our trunk (boot to you Aussies), and smushed up our left quarter panel a bit. No airbags deployed, but our red airbag light is now constantly on (I wonder if that means that the airbag was supposed to deploy but didn’t?!).

…poor little Toyota!

…and big BAD truck!

Have you heard how, when you are in a bit of a frightening situation, time slows down.  I actually experienced it!  I was in the passenger seat. As we started to make the turn into the Post Office I noticed in the right side-view mirror a dark truck, about four car lengths behind us, going fast…and he was not slowing.  I actually stated to Boyd, “That truck’s not slowing down.” I remember putting my hands over my face and closing my eyes. I am sure it was less than a second later that we were hit, but I remember thinking, “boy, this is taking a long time”.  I thought, maybe he missed us. Then there was a screech of tires, a loud bang, and a sharp jerk. Poor Alphonso tried to swerve, but couldn’t quite miss us. Anyway, both vehicles limped into the Post Office parking lot and waited for the Sherriff’s Office and the State Troopers to arrive.

The one big thing I’ve learned from this is how nice people are in the South.  We had more people stop to help, the sheriff was lovely, the State Trooper was a pleasure, and even the other driver couldn’t have been sweeter.  When the State Trooper looked at Boyd and Alphonso and point blank asked “who was at fault”, Alphonso said straight out that he was.  How many people in Washington DC or New York City or Sydney Australia would have said that?

We have also discovered that the insurance companies are excellent (so far).  We called USAA (our insurance company) and they gave us lots of information, but essentially said that we will probably be waiting for Alphonso’s insurance people to call us.  And, ya’ know what– Geico (Alphonso’s insurance) called almost immediately after we got off the phone with USAA.  They started the conversation stating that they accept liability and they have booked a rental car for us with Enterprise and that Enterprise will call us to coordinate the delivery of said car.  And, sure enough, Enterprise just dropped off the car. And, how bizarre is this – the rental car is a silver Toyota Corolla, identical to our smashed car, but a newer model.

So, life’s not so bad. We’ll just go back to gussying up Bushranger while we wait for Geico to either fix our car or declare it totaled and give us a big check. No worries mate!

4 Responses to “Murphy’s Law”

  1. Dianne February 29, 2012 at 09:27 #

    Wow! Glad all of you are OK!!!

    • The Robinsons February 29, 2012 at 10:49 #

      We’re just fine….our little car is not too happy, though.

  2. jdepodwin March 1, 2012 at 20:30 #

    Hope today is a better day! I would imagine it was a very scary moment for you and Boyd. Sobering to say the least. Stay well. And good luck with all the insurance “stuff.”

    • The Robinsons March 2, 2012 at 08:05 #

      Thanks. Today looks like thunderstorms, so I doubt much will get gone. Have fun in FL!

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