A Different Kind of a Day for the Girls…Same-old Same-old for the Boy…

26 Feb

From our ship’s mascot’s perspective, this was a very exciting morning! We had a visitor. It all started while I was making us some breakfast. All of a sudden I heard this dreadful noise. It sounded like an old fashion police siren, but played as a 45 when it should have been a 78 (okay, who of my readers has a clue as to what that means?) (hint hint: think of an old record player). Anyway, the sound was deep and disturbing. I glanced over at Koko to see her tail all puffed up and her ears back against her head – a sure sight that she is not a happy kitty. The noise was emanating from Koko! Koko, who has never had a bad thing to say (she has hissed only once in her life, and then she had good reason (a nasty vet was being very rough with her)).  Not three inches from Koko’s nose, staring through the window was ANOTHER CAT! As far as Koko has ever known, she is the only cat in the world (she was adopted from the shelter when she was about a month old, so I doubt she remembers the other kittens from the shelter…she has never seen a cat since then).  So, how could there be something that looks just like her on the other side of the window?!?…and it did look just like her – only in miniature. The little cat was a calico, sort of (for those of you that don’t know cats, calicos are tri-colored cats (tortoise shell for you Aussies) and are always female – interesting, huh?) but half Koko’s size.   The little cat was just looking in the window. She wasn’t worried at all about this bigger version of herself that was making all this fuss just three inches from her nose. Looked like she thought it must be much warmer on the other side of the glass, and it looked like there might be nice people with food in there, too. She wanted in – Koko wanted her dead!

Boyd chose sides in the altercation, and chased away the intruding cat. (Smart man, since Koko knows where he sleeps at night…)

The rest of the day was pretty standard for Boyd (he continued preparing the bilge for its upcoming makeover) while I played in the kitchen.

Yep, I think the box above Boyd’s hand says it all. Scraping the bilge takes a lot of elbow grease!

I did something very different – I ran a science experiment.  I wanted to see if bread made with wine yeast would be very different from bread made with bread yeast. Guess what — yeast is yeast as far as my bread is concerned.  The two loaves were pretty much identical — go figure!

2 Responses to “A Different Kind of a Day for the Girls…Same-old Same-old for the Boy…”

  1. jdepodwin February 27, 2012 at 08:33 #

    I am sure Koko didn’t know what to make of that kitty. Talk about confusing. Hope the weather continues to hold so that the captain can continue on his mission.

    • The Robinsons February 27, 2012 at 08:36 #

      she was such a cute, kitty, too. very sweet. such a shame Boyd had ti run her off.

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