Road Trip!

18 Feb

We went on a Road Trip today! All the way down to Fulton Mississippi. I’ve gotta’ tell ya’, there really isn’t very much to see between Iuka and Fulton Mississippi: lots of rolling hills (that are probably very green in the summer, but are very brown at the moment) and a few red barns  (most looking like they could use a bit of red paint). But our destination was Fulton Mississippi; a lovely little town that is home to a pretty big junior college, and, more importantly, the home/business of Terry and Belinda Jones.  You remember Terry – the guy who inspected Bushranger’s (aka ‘Quixote’s’) engine for us at the time of purchase and made us aware of some significant problems.  He’s also the gent that purchased ‘Molly Brown’, the nearly derelict boat that is donating her engine and gearbox to Bushranger.  Terry is our expert on everything mechanical.

Here sits Molly Brown’s relatively new engine – soon to give Bushranger a new lease on life!

Anyway, Boyd and I drove down to Terry and Belinda’s to see Bushranger’s future engine and to check on progress with the overhaul of Bushranger’s generator– you might recall Terry removed it last year.   Well, Terry had pulled the engine out of Molly Brown (it’s a ‘Yanmar’ engine, for those of you who are ‘into’ that kind of stuff), stripped it for inspection, and refurbishment so it is now ready to be installed in Bushranger.  Terry also overhauled Bushranger’s generator, replacing the worn and corroded parts and applying the first coat of the new paint scheme – grey to match the engine (and my husband’s Navy sensibilities).  Terry and Boyd plan on spending the next couple of months getting Bushranger back up to snuff. (I don’t know about ‘a couple of months’…it’ll be interesting to see how long it actually takes).

Tah-dah! Our lovely, overhauled, navy-grey generator.

So, it seemed only appropriate that we pay our respect to Molly Brown, who sacrificed her innards so that Bushranger could live. Terry has Molly docked a few miles from his business, and, surprise surprise, Molly Brown still has a life ahead of her.  Terry has sold Molly’s hull (which is looking really old and sad, but who has good, strong ‘bones’ under all that neglect) to a gent who plans on restoring her as a live-aboard!   I’m glad, since she is a noble little boat. I am sure that, with a little bit of love, spit, polish, and elbow grease, Molly Brown will be a fine floating home for many years.

Here sits the noble engine donor, Molly Brown.

While we were down in Fulton, we gave Terry and Belinda a couple of little ‘pressies’ from Australia. Belinda seemed to enjoy her mouse pad with a map of Australia on it – she proclaimed that Australia has always been the one place in the world that she wants to visit.  Terry opened his pressie and read all about how his new leather pouch is a genuine kangaroo scrotum (don’t ask me – I think it’s a ‘guy thing’!?!).  All around, it was a really nice day.

Now, we’re back at our little cabin, the laundry is started, my ‘critter’ is warming up (for those of you who don’t know, my ‘critter’ is my sourdough starter that needs to be fed every three days before I use it to bake bread). I plan on baking a couple of rye bread loaves tonight…I’m feeling very domestic…

4 Responses to “Road Trip!”

  1. Rod Robinson February 18, 2012 at 19:26 #

    Good to be back in your lives via the blog LynnAnne. And what an amazing before and after comparison of the refurbished engine.

    • The Robinsons February 18, 2012 at 22:10 #

      Thanks, Rod. I’ve missed my Bushranger blog! I hope to have new posts daily. Love to everybody in Sydney!

  2. jdepodwin February 18, 2012 at 20:49 #

    Looks like things are looking up! Glad today was a good day and the restoration is coming along. Happy bread making.

    • The Robinsons February 18, 2012 at 22:12 #

      Thanks, Jeanne. The rye bread is in the oven and is starting to smell pretty good! Luv ya’

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