What Happened to Bushranger’s Hat!?!

25 Nov

Okay, who knows the difference between spider poo and ladybug poo (for you Yanks out there, add a ‘p’ on the end of that word and you’ll know what I’m talking about)?  I believe, after quite a bit of experience, that one is black and one is brown/orange.  The question then becomes, why do we care?  I suppose I care because I seem to have spent quite a bit of time wiping little black and orange dots off the outside of our boat. I guess I’m just curious – that’s just who I am…

Thanksgiving was a nice day – beautiful, clear skies and warm weather.  As Boyd informed me, it was perfect weather to get some work done on the boat (as opposed to sitting in a banquet hall enjoying ham, beef, chicken, catfish, stuffing, potatoes, pie and ‘homemade banana pudding’).

So, instead of sweating and grunting away the day toiling over Bushranger’s myriad of problems, I insisted that we sit in a restaurant by the lake with two lovely friends (Garth and Kathy) and eat holiday food. Granted, the banquet hall was a bit chilly, and there was no wine allowed, and there was no turkey (as the kitchen had run out of it by the time we had arrived (and we arrived at 12 noon?!?)), and our table was away from the windows that overlook the lake.  Despite it all, we had a lovely meal (and we could still see the lake).

And, lucky us, we still had most of the afternoon to work on Bushranger’(hence the spider/ladybug poo question).

So, Boyd decided to remove Bushranger’s ‘hat’ (okay, okay, call it a bimini if you want). Since we are going to put a large tarp over ‘Bushranger’ when we leave here in a few days, it made sense to take off her canvas top (no, guys, this is not a striptease — think HAT, not tee-shirt!).

Originally we thought that we would just stick her back into the water, in her covered slip.  However, it was mentioned to us that we should think about all those hull valves in the bottom that Boyd had recently inspected then temporarily refitted until we can get a chance to change them all out. The thought was planted that the refitted hull valves might fail (they are currently not connected to anything inside Bushranger…which makes sense since there is currently NOTHING inside Bushranger – no engine, no generators, no fuel tanks, no holding tank—you get the picture)  and that Bushranger might be sitting on the bottom of the lake by the time we return.


So, Bushranger will stay on dry land, covered by a tarp. But, to put the tarp on, we needed to remove her ‘bimini’ (basically, her very large sun visor). That was a good idea since we then discovered that the bimini was full of spiders, ladybugs, and even a few hornet nests (explaining, again, the relevance of my ‘poo’ question). Oh, and did I mention, the structure holding the bimini on was very loose.

So, Thanksgiving was both a work day and a holiday.  I was happy, Boyd was happy – that’s a win win all around!

2 Responses to “What Happened to Bushranger’s Hat!?!”

  1. jeanne November 25, 2011 at 10:34 #

    You always find a way to see the bright side of life, ladybugs, spiders and all.

    • The Robinsons November 25, 2011 at 10:41 #

      I bet you didn’t know that ladybug poop is orange, did you? Now, if anybody ever asks you, you now know the answer…So, my mission here is done!

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