It’s Like Being a Detective.

22 Nov

Does this boat look like an onion to you?.

We had some wild storms this morning; lots of thunder and lightning, and buckets of rain. Now, we could have viewed the rain as a problem (makes a mess of the roads, have to splash through puddles to get to the boat, makes for soggy work clothes, dreary days make for dreary moods (I like that…)), but NO; we see it as an opportunity for some detective work. Boyd is using his torch (that’s aussie for flashlight) to trace the journey of water dribbles throughout the boat. So, some of the hair dryer blowing in the bilge drains of the past few days is essentially out the window – but that’s OK! We have a much better idea of where the invasion of water is coming from, and just as importantly we know it is going to the right place – the bilge.

Also, I am now of the opinion that a boat is very much like an onion. Every time you peel off a layer, all you see is another layer. I spent much of the day peeling wallpaper off the walls (I know, you mariners call it a bulkhead but how many ‘heads’ does a boat need – you mariners will get our ‘boat joke’ – yuk yuk).  The master stateroom (that’s the main bedroom to you non-mariners out there) was covered with yucky, beige, stained wall paper. Every time I walked into that stateroom, my sensibilities were offended – I asked myself, “why, oh why, would someone cover the teak walls with wall paper?!?” So, we decided that today was the day to find out.  I pulled all the wall paper off all the walls in the master stateroom.  Under all that paper, was some lovely teak – and some not so lovely teak. It appears that there were some ‘significant leaks’ over the past 30 years. Now, had she been our boat when the leaks appeared, you KNOW what Boyd and I would have done, don’t ya’? But of course, we would have tracked the leak, plugged the leak, and repaired the damage to the wood.  Now, what do you suppose the previous owners did when there was a leak? Well, I am sure they tried to track the leak, and to plug the leak, and then they slapped a bunch of wall paper over most of the damage.  Problem solved – out of sight, out of mind! Now, to be fair, they did replace some of the damaged wood before they stuck up the wallpaper.

I think we can bring the teak back up to standards on the wall behind the bed. I also think the teak will come back on the closet (call it a locker if you must, you mariners out there) that once held the washer/dryer.  However, I have no idea what they did to the side walls.  There is so much ‘stuff’ on those walls (layers under the paper) that I can’t even tell what kind of wood is under there.  So, I doubt we will be able to make all the walls in that room teak.

Boyd also had a bit of a creative day.  He got to play with a new toy – he got to mix up some fiberglass and apply it to repairing some of the drain holes that pepper the bilge. He says that he’s starting to get the knack.  Once he gets those drains fiberglassed, I think we will see many of the potential rot problems disappear.

All in all, it was an interesting day.

2 Responses to “It’s Like Being a Detective.”

  1. jeanne November 22, 2011 at 13:58 #

    I would bet those moldy walls were driving your allergies nuts. Glad you found the culprit.

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