Oh Noooo, the Sky is Falling!

20 Nov

This is what is under the ceiling tiles.

Wait a minute.  The sky’s not falling.  That’s just bits and pieces from the ceiling that Boyd is pulling down. 

Since we have essentially lifted up, pulled away, and peered into just about everything that was on/under the floor or on/behind the walls, Boyd decided that we needed to take a hard look at what’s behind the ceiling tiles (it’s called a headliner).  As luck would have it, we still can’t tell how bad it is.  The leak at the aft hatch doesn’t look as bad as we thought, but we can’t really track where the water is coming from.   So, it’s still a work in progress.  Boyd says that we’ll just leave that until later.

After playing with the ceiling, Boyd took off a section of the exhaust pipe – he just wanted to see what kind of condition it was in. It wasn’t very good –probably will need to be replaced (does that surprise you?).  Then, just because it’s tradition, he scraped a bit more paint down in the bilge (as ya’ do…).

After helping hold up a part of the ceiling, I abandoned ship and went to play in the kitchen.

We had two new friends come over for dinner – Garth and Kathy off the Algonquin. Algonquin wandered into Aqua Harbor a few days ago with major transmission problems.  So, while Diesel Don straightened out their transmission, they decided this was an opportunity to spruce up Algonquin’s’exterior and add a shiny new coat of paint.

If you follow any of the Loopers’ Blogs you may have heard about Kathy and Garth. They are Zeke’s ‘mom and dad’ – Zeke being a lovely, curly-haired dog that is currently recovering from a terrible infection that Kathy refers to as ‘blasto’ (is that right, Kathy?).  When Zeke first became infected, Kathy posted Zeke’s condition and the circumstances of his infection on the blog – making sure that other loopers were made aware of the danger to dogs doing the loop.

Anyway, we had a nice dinner with Kathy and Garth (Zeke had to stay at Algonquin at Koko’s insistence). They brought a really lovely bottle of red wine. It went well with the sweet and sour prawn (that’s ‘shrimp’ to you ‘Yanks’ out there) stir-fry I threw together. Since they had already completed much of the loop, they gave us all sorts if intel on what to expect (once Bushranger is operational). It was a nice night.  New friends are always a pleasure.

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