Rinse and Spit, Please…

18 Nov

Now, open wide…this won’t hurt a bit…

I think today’s activities have prepared me for a future in dentistry. I spent an hour or two down in the bowels of Bushranger, digging out decayed wood from various cavities using a file and a hair dryer (and, yep, it was a real hair dryer I was using).  You think that was bad, it then got worse. 

My next activity was a bit of liposuction on those cavities, when I couldn’t reach all the ‘bad bits’ with my file and hair dryer. Boyd rigged some thin hoses onto the end of a wet/dry vacuum in an attempt to suck out old decay and mud from various holes in Bushranger’s structure. It actually worked pretty well!

I gave up after a couple hours, and retreated to the kitchen to experiment with a new biscotti recipe. Boyd continued on, sucking out various sludge and grime from all sections of Bushranger. He’s a tougher man than I am (obviously!). Anyway, interesting day. 

Tonight, I think we deserve pizza from the Pickwick Pizza Company – yum, we love their thin crust supreme!

3 Responses to “Rinse and Spit, Please…”

  1. jeanne November 18, 2011 at 11:36 #

    Did it remind you of your days with Randi Sarantos, the orthodontist in town? Who would of thought that your training there would come in handy for this???

    • The Robinsons November 19, 2011 at 11:42 #

      Problem is that all I did at Sarantos’ was brush some pretty nasty teeth and put out the dental tools (and took/developed x-rays – illegally, come to find out, since I was so young). I never did any file work back then. Good thing – it wasn’t much fun! …but, I think the Sarantos experience is what made me think about ‘rinsing and spitting’.

  2. The Robinsons November 20, 2011 at 13:20 #

    You’re right, Mom. She will be even better than she was….and she will truly be ours.

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