What’s in a Name?

15 Nov

The boat is no longer named Quixote…in fact, her transom is now a bit naked.

Once upon a time, there was a little trawler (well, 38 feet isn’t really THAT little) named Quixote.  Now, Quixote wanted to be a good little boat and take care of her crews.  However, every time someone new adopted her, they would put lots more stuff on her without taking off the old stuff.  Not only that, when they put the new stuff on board, they never really put it on properly.  Soon, there were old wires that were no longer connected to anything, crossing over new wires that were connected to bits and pieces that were put in some very odd places. There were garbage disposals in cupboards, and washer dryers in closets, and ice machines on countertops…and all these gadgets were just stuck in these places without any thought…just kind of willy-nilly.  Poor little Quixote wasn’t properly prepared for all these gadgets.  Even gadgets that have a tendency to leak were just placed on her wood floors, without any catch pan to help minimize any damage from leaks.  So, sure enough, over time, things DID leak.  And, did anybody care that water was soaking into Quixote’s decks? Did anybody check to see if all these gadgets were behaving themselves and not damaging Quixote? No one cared. So, Quixote languished; rotting in her dark, hidden places.

Then one day, someone new came around. This new captain, Boyd, and his first mate, LynnAnne, decided to really get to know Quixote – they opened every cupboard and moved every gadget.  They saw all the sad, dark places that, for years, had been rotting away and Boyd said, “This is just not right! These gadgets do not belong here! This deck needs much TLC!  And WE can fix this! We can make her better than she was – better—stronger— faster—“(wait a minute, that’s an old 1970s TV show – scratch that…). Boyd said, “Let us repair this lovely boat” (I am paraphrasing…what he really said was, “Struth! Bloody ‘ell…what the h*ll is wrong with people!”). So, Captain Boyd began systematically inspecting and repairing Quixote. And he said, “She will be reborn! And her name will be Bushranger.”

The above narrative has been presented as a segue into today’s topic, which is that I removed Quixote’s name from her stern (I’m told it’s a transom but oh well) and from the dinghy in preparation for her new life.  We will put on her new name, Bushranger, when we finish all the deck, kitchen, and engine work.  I just thought it would be boring to just state that without an interesting story around it…

3 Responses to “What’s in a Name?”

  1. jeanne November 15, 2011 at 14:30 #

    very amusing! I chuckled all the way. Have you considered ever writing a children’s book? You are really great at this blog commentary. (Kind of reminded me of The Little Engine That Could…)

  2. Pat November 15, 2011 at 19:28 #

    Don’t know what’s more entertaining……your blog or Lynnanne’s descriptions of life in Mississippi. Know that you are doing an amazing job of cleaning up Bushranger but you are also putting a smile on our faces. love sharing in your adventure!

    • The Robinsons November 16, 2011 at 09:56 #

      Thanks for commenting, Mom. I’m having such fun writing this blog – I think I might be a ‘closet want-ta-be author’ – one who could never have written before the advent of Spellchecker….

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