How Firm is Your Foundation?

13 Nov

This is what was under the master bathroom floor.

I just visited Boyd down in the bowels of the boat.  He had called me and said I needed to see something.  When I got there he was ripping up pieces of rotted wood from the floor of the bathroom in the master bedroom  (I know, you want me to call it the ‘deck’ in the ‘head’ but a floor is a floor and a shower is a shower so you can just forget that – a bathroom is bathroom!).  It had been covered by a thin piece of fiberglass which Boyd had pried up. The wood underneath was in a pretty sad state.  However, the rot does not look as if it extends below the bathtub/shower. So, it may be an easy fix.  However, we are now suspicious of the floor in the second bathroom.  I think that floor will need a really thorough examination.

Boyd has also examined where to put the two air conditioning/heating units that we are planning on installing.  The smaller one looks as if it will fit nicely in the closet in the master stateroom where the old washer/dryer was located (stateroom is a la-dee-da way of saying bedroom for all you non-mariners out there).  The unit will fit nicely on the floor, leaving lots of room for hanging clothes and shoes.  The second, larger air conditioner/heater will fit beautifully in the storage space under the benches in the salon (that’s the la-dee-da name for the room in the boat that is used as a kitchen/living room) and will heat/cool the main living area and the smaller forward stateroom (if I say la-dee-da again am I becoming predicable?!).

I am looking hard at all the teak in the boat and itching to strip it back and get it to its former ‘lustrous glory’.  Although I agree with Boyd that I will have to wait until all the heavy mechanical work is done (ya’ know, like installing a new engine, fuel tanks, generator,…minor things like that).

One Response to “How Firm is Your Foundation?”

  1. jeanne November 13, 2011 at 13:25 #

    Things seem like they are moving along. Sorry to hear about another surprise. Love the humorous commentary…very entertaining.

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