Just Another Day

12 Nov

I just LOVE the South!

Boyd is still messing around with water tanks.  I, on the other hand, was messing around with laundry and bread baking.  Then, at around 10 am, Boyd called me and said that Tony, the shop foreman at the marina, was having a bar-b-q to celebrate his birthday and Veterans’ Day, and we were invited! It was in two hours! Boyd, knowing how much I enjoy baking and understanding that I am always looking for an excuse to mess around in the kitchen, asked if I wanted to bake a cake for Tony…and, of COURSE I did! So, I had two hours to come up with something. 

It was really interesting, especially since this little rental cabin doesn’t have any cake pans (that’s right– no round ones, or square ones, or rectangular ones or even one lousy bundt pan).  All it has is a cookie sheet.  So, I figured that the only type of cake I could create would be some sort of jelly roll. However, the next challenge was how to make a cake when all I had in the way of flavors was vanilla extract, amaretto and orange marmalade.  So, that’s what I made; a vanilla rollup cake filled with orange filling, topped with an orange/amaretto icing.  Ya know, it didn’t turn out half bad.  And the bar-b-que was a hoot.

This marina is filled with lovely people…

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