Still Digging…Haven‘t Reached the Water Yet

7 Nov

Every time we dig, all we find is a dirty, rotten hole…what’s with that?

Boyd is still pulling things out of Bushranger.  Every time he lifts a ‘rock’, he finds a challenge. 

The latest ‘rocks’ include the removal of both heads (that’s ‘toilets’ to you non-mariners out there) and the master stateroom mattress.

Ya’ gotta’ ask; why do you need TWO bathrooms, both with toilet and showering capability (and even a bathtub in one), in a boat that is just 38 feet long? The two bathrooms are about 10 feet apart. What — everybody needs their own toilet? We can’t just share a single bathroom?  What’s that all about? Of course, with the removal of the toilets, we can now see the state of the wood and decking under the bathrooms – and it’s not good.  Now we get to figure out how to correct/strengthen the bathroom floors.

This is the bedframe — it’s a tight squeeze for a queen mattress.

Boyd got rid of the ‘queen’ mattress in the master stateroom after I took a hard look at it. Even though it was stained (there is a small leak in the rim of the hatch that is above the bed) and there are small rips and a small amount of mildew in the seam, replacing the mattress will be a headache.  It’s a custom size, supposedly designed to fit snuggly between the two cabinets on either side of the bed. 

It doesn’t REALLY fit snuggly – it was actually kind of rammed in. 

So, now I get to figure out how to find the appropriate size mattress.  I think we will have to remove one of the cabinets and widen the bed’s base a little bit. Just one more challenge to overcome.  No worries mate!

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