I Think You Can Call This a Truly ‘Crappy’ Day

5 Nov

Behold Bushranger’s Old Holding Tank!

Be careful what you ask for…

I happened to mention to Boyd that there was a distinct smell of diesel fuel in the boat and all the cushions.  Of course, I expect I will be able to fix that in the cushions with my “Little Green Machine” (actually, it’s Mom and Dad’s “Little Green Machine”, but I think I will claim it for the foreseeable future) (for those of you who don’t know what a “Little Green Machine” is, it’s a great carpet cleaning machine that takes almost no space and does a wonderful job cleaning both carpets and upholstery).  Anyway, I think MY way of taking care of the diesel smell was a much better way than Boyd’s…

Boyd has been pulling out all sorts of hoses and ‘boxes’ and stuff out of Bushranger.  It just so happens that yesterday he decided to take out the holding tank (for you non-mariners, the holding tank ‘holds’ the stuff that comes out of your toilet when you flush it).  Now, as you’ all know (I’m sounding a bit ‘southern’, aren’t I!?), my husband is very good a figuring things out and making sure that all contingencies are covered.  So, he pumped out that holding tank, flushed it out with water, then flushed it out again, added special detergents to the lines, and unbolted the bottom to check to make sure nothing more came out.  Seeing nothing coming out of the bottom, one would think that the tank was ‘clear’. 

But, maybe not…

While lifting the tank (and noticing a large crack in the tank, by the way), it must have upset a bit of ‘stuff’ (when I say ‘stuff’ what I really mean is ‘sh*t’ because that’s what it really was) that was stuck in the tank. All of a sudden, with a gust of putrid air and a sloshing sound, out came the ‘stuff’ (I am not going to describe the ‘stuff’ since I think you can imagine what I’m talking about)…and it wasn’t even OUR ‘stuff’ (thank you, Bushranger’s previous owners)!  So, poor Bushranger was soiled with this fowl smelling liquid.  And, abracadabra, no more diesel smell! Amazing how that works. Next time, I think we’ll use Febreze instead.

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