We’re Back on Track

18 Oct


Well, we’re back on track.  

Boyd had his week of R&R, and is now back in Iuka, Mississippi, rejuvenated and ready to make Bushranger into a thing of beauty…and, so far so good! Boyd  went back thinking that it would take days to get the old fuel tanks out of Bushranger – thought he would have to vent them, then cut them, to get them out of the boat (they are ‘BIG  mothers’, without a doubt). Instead, Boyd, with the help of three very handy guys, manhandled the tanks through the engine room hatch and port door with piano straps! It only took three hours from start to finish (if you don’t count all the hours/days of prep work from two weeks ago). Well done!

Goes to show, you just can’t beat a well thought out and properly executed plan.

2 Responses to “We’re Back on Track”

  1. jeanne October 19, 2011 at 13:42 #

    Well done! and I’m sure it is such a relief to have those tanks out of the boat. Now on to the next step…new tanks and fuel. Way to go!

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