Bushranger is Retaining Fluids?

4 Oct


Oh my! Who would have imagined that our lovely little Bushranger would have a bit of a “gas”’ problem (actually, it’s diesel, but let’s not nitpick)!

With her engine removed, Terry and Boyd started working on prepping Bushranger for her fuel-tank-ectomy.  Unfortunately, Bushranger lied to us about how much fuel she was retaining (I believe ladies have been known to lie about retaining fluids – so I’ve been told).  Instead of 100 gallons of diesel in her tanks, it looks like Bushranger has, maybe, 300 gallons (that’s more than 1100 liters for those of you in Oz)!

So, we need to rethink what to do with all that fuel.

On the plus side, Boyd has finally gotten that old washing machine out of Bushranger.  What a job! After emptying all the residual water, unhooking the connections, removing the motor,  Boyd discovered that the washer was attached to a cement block (presumably to keep it from ‘rocking and rolling’ in the closet). Good thing they removed it, too.  The closet floor that had supported it for umpteen years was covered in rust and mold! Thank you, Boyd, for deciding to move that old washer on.  Terry and Boyd also removed Bushranger’s old generator.

So, all that remains of phase one of Bushranger’s ‘inner renewal’ is the removal of the fuel tanks – and that will happen once we figure out what to do with all that fuel.

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